Our database now contains whois records of 565 Million (565,763,827) domain names.
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Whois API / Whois History / Reverse Whois

Our WHOIS API returns consistent and well-structured WHOIS data in XML & JSON format. Returned data contain parsed WHOIS fields that can be easily understood by your application. Along with WHOIS API, we also offer WHOIS History API and Reverse WHOIS API.

Powered by Amazon Web Services With support for 1564 TLDs, our cloud-based API lets you quickly access any domain's WHOIS data through Bulk Whois Lookup, Newly Registered Domains, Dropped Deleted Domains, Expiring Domains and Whois Database Download.
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1000 WHOIS Lookup API Queries $2 Details
1000 WHOIS History API Queries $5 Details
1000 Reverse WHOIS API Queries $10 Details
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Whois History

Simply enter a domain name below to check it's WHOIS History and Website Ownership History.

Domain NameRegistrarCreatedUpdatedExpiry
glimp.co.nz-16 Oct 201516 Jul 2024-
abucchiattorney.comGoDaddy.com, LLC14 Sep 201115 Sep 202114 Sep 2026
nse.co.uk-21 Jan 202214 Nov 202321 Jan 2025
bsforgeindia.comGoDaddy.com, LLC24 Jan 202424 Jan 202424 Jan 2025
photosjdm.comGoDaddy.com, LLC22 May 202422 May 202422 May 2025

Whois History Demo

Whois History API

You can fetch WHOIS history of any domain name through:


Whois History API returns all the historical WHOIS records of a domain name that is saved in our local database.
This API call does NOT query the live WHOIS servers, and only returns the records present in our database.
In case Zero WHOIS records are present in our database, you will NOT be charged any API queries.

Sample Output: JSON SchemaXML SchemaJSON Live ResultsXML Live Results

Retrieving Data in XML Format

Simple add "&format=xml" to your API call and get results in XML Format.


Kindly use XML format only if your application strictly requires XML data. Compared to lightweight JSON format, XML carries a lot of extra baggage. This results in slower data transmission, and affects the overall performance of your application interacting with our API. We highly recommend you use JSON format whenever possible.

Account Balance Check

You can check your account's API query balance through:


Sample Output: JSON SchemaXML SchemaJSON Live ResultsXML Live Results

API Status Codes

Every API call will return a Status of either: 0 (ERROR) or 1 (SUCCESS)
In case of Status 0, the reason behind failure of the API call will also be returned.

Sample Output: Invalid API Key (JSON)Invalid API Key (XML)

Pricing & Packages

Whois History Pricing Total API Calls Price CPM Purchase
400 Whois History API Queries 400 $2 $5.00 Order Now
1,000 Whois History API Queries 1,000 $5 $5.00 Order Now
10,000 Whois History API Queries 10,000 $50 $5.00 Order Now
50,000 Whois History API Queries 50,000 $200 $4.00 Order Now
250,000 Whois History API Queries 250,000 $750 $3.00 Order Now
1 Million Whois History API Queries 1,000,000 $2,000 $2.00 Order Now
10 Million Whois History API Queries 10,000,000 $10,000 $1.00 Order Now

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. API Key is available through: Account Manager » API Settings
  2. You will receive each and every unique WHOIS record present in our database for the requested domain name. If no WHOIS record is present in our database, an empty result is returned back.
  3. You will not be charged any API credits if zero WHOIS records are returned for the domain name.
  4. We started recording WHOIS records since November 2012. So the earliest whois data of a domain name in our database will be from November 2012. For reference, you may check all the historical whois records of yahoo.com domain name.
  5. Yes! We only save WHOIS record which contain some changes as compared to the domain's previous WHOIS record.
  6. As we do not save Raw Whois text in our database, this is not included with Whois History results.
  7. Yes, this can be activated through: Account Manager » Account Settings
  8. Please signup now and receive FREE API Credits to test the Whois History API.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Email Address