Our database now contains whois records of 561 Million (561,881,473) domain names.
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Whois API / Whois History / Reverse Whois

Our WHOIS API returns consistent and well-structured WHOIS data in XML & JSON format. Returned data contain parsed WHOIS fields that can be easily understood by your application. Along with WHOIS API, we also offer WHOIS History API and Reverse WHOIS API.

Powered by Amazon Web Services With support for 1564 TLDs, our cloud-based API lets you quickly access any domain's WHOIS data through Bulk Whois Lookup, Newly Registered Domains, Dropped Deleted Domains, Expiring Domains and Whois Database Download.
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1000 WHOIS History API Queries $5 Details
1000 Reverse WHOIS API Queries $10 Details
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Reverse Whois

Simply enter a search term below to see the list of domain names owned by them.

Reverse Whois Demo

Reverse Whois API

Search our entire WHOIS database through the Reverse Whois API.


Reverse Whois API lets you perform a comprehensive search on our database, to find domains owned by a company or person.
You just need to enter search terms such as the name, email or company, and you can find all the domains they ever owned.
If your search returns no results, you will NOT be charged any API queries. You are charged only on successful queries.

Sample Output: JSON SchemaXML SchemaJSON Live ResultsXML Live Results

Search Identifiers

You must send any one of following search identifiers to search the whois database.

Search by Domain Owner's Name:


Search by Email Address:

https://api.whoxy.com/?key=xxxxx&reverse=whois&email=[email protected]

Search by Company / Organization Name:


Search by Keyword present at start of Domain Name:


Please note that search identifiers are case-sensitive. Owner Name identifier is "name". If you send "Name", it will be ignored.

Search Results Pagination

For faster data transfer, a maximum of 100 results are sent back per API call.
If your search returns more than 100 results, you can fetch remaining records through pages.

https://api.whoxy.com/?key=xxxxx&reverse=whois&identifier=value&page=2 https://api.whoxy.com/?key=xxxxx&reverse=whois&identifier=value&page=3 https://api.whoxy.com/?key=xxxxx&reverse=whois&identifier=value&page=4

Results 1 to 100 will be returned in Page #1, Results 101 to 200 in Page #2, Results 201 to 300 in Page #3, and so on…
Please note that you will be charged with single API credit each time you fetch a Result Page through Reverse Whois API.

Need more than 100 Results?

Fetch up to 1,000 results per API call using the Mini result mode:


In mini mode, you will receive basic contact information like name, company and email.

Sample Output: Mini Mode (JSON)Mini Mode (XML)

Fetch up to 2,500 results per API call using the Micro result mode:


In micro mode, you won't receive any contact information of the domain registrant.

Sample Output: Micro Mode (JSON)Micro Mode (XML)

Fetch up to 50,000 domain names per API call using the Domains Only result mode:


This mode can only be used with the "keyword" search identifier. You will receive the list of domain names as comma-separated values.

Sample Output: Domains Only Mode (JSON)Domains Only Mode (XML)

Retrieving Data in XML Format

Simple add "&format=xml" to your API call and get results in XML Format.


Kindly use XML format only if your application strictly requires XML data. Compared to lightweight JSON format, XML carries a lot of extra baggage. This results in slower data transmission, and affects the overall performance of your application interacting with our API. We highly recommend you use JSON format whenever possible.

Account Balance Check

You can check your account's API query balance through:


Sample Output: JSON SchemaXML SchemaJSON Live ResultsXML Live Results

API Status Codes

Every API call will return a Status of either: 0 (ERROR) or 1 (SUCCESS)
In case of Status 0, the reason behind failure of the API call will also be returned.

Sample Output: Invalid API Key (JSON)Invalid API Key (XML)

Pricing & Packages

Reverse Whois Pricing Total API Calls Price CPM Purchase
200 Reverse Whois API Queries 200 $2 $10.00 Order Now
1,000 Reverse Whois API Queries 1,000 $10 $10.00 Order Now
10,000 Reverse Whois API Queries 10,000 $100 $10.00 Order Now
50,000 Reverse Whois API Queries 50,000 $400 $8.00 Order Now
250,000 Reverse Whois API Queries 250,000 $1,500 $6.00 Order Now
1 Million Reverse Whois API Queries 1,000,000 $4,000 $4.00 Order Now
5 Million Reverse Whois API Queries 5,000,000 $10,000 $2.00 Order Now

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. API Key is available through: Account Manager » API Settings
  2. No, you will not be charged any API credits if your Reverse Whois query does not match any WHOIS records.
  3. Depending upon your search query, the results might contain multiple WHOIS records of the same domain name. However all the WHOIS records will be unique, and there will be no duplicate results. We save additional WHOIS record of a domain name only when there are any changes compared to the previous record. This is how we archive historical WHOIS records.
  4. As we do not save Raw Whois text in our database, this is not included with Reverse Whois results.
  5. Yes, this can be activated through: Account Manager » Account Settings
  6. Please signup now and receive FREE API Credits to test the Reverse Whois API.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Email Address